How to get $100,000 USD in an hour with a single webinar

Learn what the seed launch is and it's structure

Alberto Dell'isola

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Alberto Dell'isola

Nowadays, studying and working hard is not enough to build your business. Almost every client in therapy will look for the name of the therapist before hiring a therapy service. If one client looks for your name/brand in the internet before hiring you… Will that person still hire your service? In this lecture you’ll learn how to increase your authority in social media and how to create a seed launch for your digital products.

My name is Alberto Dell'Isola. I've got a degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Philosophy of Law and have been teaching hypnosis for a time in Brazil, having thought more than 1.500 people every year. I've also written a best seller called "Mentes Brilhantes" which is a number one best seller in Brazil. I have the one of the largest hypnosis Youtube channels in the world with around 320k subscribers.

2 hour presentation
08:45 - 10:30

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