Hacking Hypnosis – From Practice To Theory

Reflections on a career inside an exciting and experimental hypnosis collective

Kev Sheldrake

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Kev Sheldrake

Head Hacking was a whirlwind.

We developed training courses and products; we popularised “street hypnosis”; we performed at events and in TV shows; we consulted to magicians and advertising agencies; we travelled the world and met our heroes; we ran a respected hypnosis conference; and we developed a new approach to suggestion built on academic research.

I will reveal the untold story from inside Head Hacking, the hypnosis company that tried to change the world.

Kev is a hacker, magician and hypnotist. He worked with Anthony Jacquin for many years as business partner, writer and producer at Head Hacking: a pioneering company that popularised street hypnosis through products and training, taught hypnosis to magicians, researched academic perspectives on the nature of suggestion, and ran the annual hypnosis conference "change | phenomena". As a hacker he has presented his research at numerous international conferences and he currently works in threat intelligence.

1 hour presentation
09:30 - 10:30
Kew Theatre

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