Dissolving Depression Technique™

Nick Davies

Presented by

Nick Davies

The “Dissolving Depression Technique™” has been created and developed by Nick Davies as an alternative and complementary way to help people suffering with depression.

During my presentation we will look at:

  • Different types of depression
  • Other non-psychological factors
  • Why it occurs
  • Treatments that exacerbate the condition
  • The ‘Rucksack Model’
  • Including other therapeutic modalities to help accelerate progress
  • How to lighten the load
  • My BLAST Technique®
  • How to give the client their power back
  • How they can create their future
  • Milestones & Feedback
  • Demonstration (if time allows)

Nick is a well-respected psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, trainer and speaker in the UK and Europe. He is known as "The PTSD Whisperer" because of his specialism in treating PTSD and trauma quickly and permanently.
Nick is also owner/director of the Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy and runs Nick Davies Sports Psychology where he specialises working with sportsmen and women from grassroots up to GB and International level.

1 hour presentation
16:00 - 17:00

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