Aversion Therapy – Why Use It?

Debbie Waller

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Debbie Waller

The goal of aversion therapy is to create explicit negative associations with unwanted behaviours such as smoking which are powerful enough to overcome any positive ones clients may already have. We’ll look at when you can use this approach to help your clients, what studies say about its effectiveness, and how to safely set up aversions.

Debbie Waller currently practices in West Yorkshire and is the Founder and Head Tutor at Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training. In whatever time that leaves, she edits the NCH’s ‘Hypnotherapy Journal’, and publishes an online magazine, ‘Hypnotherapy Training and Practitioner’. Debbie contributed to the ‘Hypnotherapy Handbook’, and her own book, ‘Their Worlds, Your Words’, is a comprehensive guide to creating effective, client-centred hypnotherapy sessions.

1 hour presentation
13:45 - 14:45

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