Adaptive Hypnotherapy for Children

Karen Puttick

Presented by

Karen Puttick

How to adapt the skills you already have as a hypnotherapist to work effectively with children. Some basic understanding of working with children in general or with some SEN. The importance of the parent or carer’s role.

Qualified as Hypnotherapist in 2012. Hypnotic Coaching, The Science of Happiness and Laughter Yoga has lead to my work as ‘The Hypnotic Happiness Coach’. Specialises in working with children and young people, some with SENs. Currently creating a training course for professional hypnotherapists to work with children. I offer workshops and presentations including hypnosis, the practical application of imagination, ‘Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindset’ to a broad audience including SEN schools and the construction industry.

1 hour presentation
14:45 - 15:45

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