UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp has been involved in personal change for over 40 years, having studied many approaches including NLP and hypnosis before coming across Provocative Therapy in 2004. He became a good friend and in latter years co trainer with Frank Farrelly who left Nick his life’s work when he passed a few years ago. Frank’s work helped Nick develop my own PCW (Provocative Change Works) approach which He’s now taught in the USA, Japan, India, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Austria, Ireland, Israel, Hungary and the UK. As well as teaching globally, he runs an online student platform and two private clinics in the UK as well as services for the corporate sector.

In this video Lindsay speaks with Nick about his 2 hour UKHC presentation – “All the way through the looking glass with Provocative Change Work”. Nick explains how his work will seem very different to the way that hypnosis professionals & therapists usually work. And look out for Nick’s blast from the past when he produces an item he inherited from Frank Farrelly!

For further information and to buy tickets, please visit the relevant pages of this website.

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