UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Michal Cieślakowski

Michal Cieślakowski is a hypnotist in Poland and has been involved with the hypnosis industry since 2004. He has previously presented, to Universities in Poland, to Polish TV stations and to hypnosis conventions around the world. Michal now uses hypnosis to work with sleep and dreams and is the creator of his own hypnotic techniques aimed at working with lucid dreams.

Michal will give a presentation to the UKHC on Saturday afternoon from 5-6 which is called ‘Hypnotherapy within Lucid Dreams’. In this interview, Michal talks to Etain about the potential that is held within the lucid dreaming process and the idea that the dreamer can use this process to impact experiences they wish to change. Michal also discusses some of the exercises he intends to go through with the audience as part of his presentation and how he approaches the challenge of difficulty in remembering dreams.

For further information and to buy tickets, please visit the relevant pages of this website.

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