Never Ending Story (What Happens Next?) – Certification Training

Eugene Popa

Presented by

Eugen Popa

Full Day Workshop

11th November

Price: £185.00

Uncover the unconscious story behind any problem and solve it fast, easy and profoundly

We all have stories in our heads. We can call them movies, images or ideas but we rarely pay attention to them. Even more so, because they are in our heads and we are very attached to them and do not realize they run (or ruin) our lives.

Never Ending Stories is a very simple yet profound technique that has very powerful effects when applied for any emotional problems such as, depression, phobias, fears, loss, and more.

You can apply this method for your own benefit or with your clients, and it works great for group sessions as well.

Key benefits:

  • You can you use this method anytime and anyplace, with anyone
  • There is no need for any prerequisites
  • This is a conversational technique
  • Can be used very easily without hypnosis
  • It is a very gentle approach
  • Once you learn it, you never forget it. Like riding the bicycle

During the workshop you will:

  • Understand the principle behind the method and why it works
  • Learn how to apply this method with your clients
  • Learn how to easily use it for yourself
  • Get a manual of the technique
  • Receive the steps of the method clearly laid out
  • See demonstrations
  • Apply the method with your colleagues
  • Apply it for yourself
  • Learn how to use this method with groups
  • Experience the method on yourself
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Receive a Certification of attendance


Eugen Popa

Eugen Popa is an international Trainer and Speaker and head of the Romanian Hypnosis Association. He has been teaching courses all around the world (USA, EU, Brazil, Asia) since 2013 and has reached hundreds of thousands of people through his courses as well as his TV Show in Romania and his weekly Facebook Live Show. Eugen is passionate about Learning, Growing and Sharing knowledge and experience and he is constantly on the path of deepening the knowledge he has as well as seeking new wisdom all the time.