Hypnosis for Stage, Street and Profit

Michael C Anthony

Presented by

Michael C. Anthony

Full Day Workshop

7th November

Price: £185.00

Get paid ridiculous amounts of money for having fun with hypnosis

Using hypnosis for entertainment can transform your practice and your life! This MasterClass is for anyone (newbies to advanced) that want to learn the secrets behind creating a hypnosis show that is both wildly entertaining and remarkably profitable.

This workshop will open your eyes and open new doors to exciting and profitable opportunities.

Key benefits

  • Rapidly build an income while having fun with hypnosis
  • Obtain prestige and leverage as a stage performer that will separate you from the rest.
  • Create an entire new side business… part time or full time.
  • You will be equipped with a framework to design a rewarding and lucrative hypnosis show
  • Receive free consultation after the convention to build your skillset even more
  • Michael has students around the world that put his techniques into action and have created incredible shows and careers… are you next?

Workshop Topics

  • How to create rapport, confidence and creativity from the stage…FAST!
  • How to build mind boggling openers that are great for promotional purposes and will get your audience excited.
  • How to get the audience to hang on your every word
  • How to get more volunteers on your stage than you ever thought possible
  • Learn why certain hypnosis techniques yield unbelievable results and why others fall flat.
  • How to master suggestibility tests for stage
  • How to quickly determine who your best subjects will be
  • How to induce a trance that is fast, powerful and hilarious… EVERY SINGLE TIME! … and why most people get this wrong.
  • How to build hilarious routines from top to bottom
  • Learn to master group suggestions
  • Learn to master single Suggestions
  • Learn to master audience management
  • How to get booked
  • How to get agents working for you
  • How to get paid… A LOT!

Who should attend?

Any hypnotherapist or individual that has a dream and a drive to pursue something great. If you want to break free from the office, this is for you. Hypnosis for Stage, Street & Profit will give you the building blocks and the confidence to create a hilarious and lucrative career, part time or full time.

If you’ve ever had the desire to perform in front of an audience, then this workshop is for you.

Take-home materials

Reference Workbook. For use during the workshop and as a permanent reference afterward, each participant receives a beautiful, high quality workbook they can use as a permanent guide.

Attendees will also receive a free digital materials to further their learning.


Michael C. Anthony

Michael C. Anthony has been in full time hypnosis for 25 years. He's travelled the world doing Stage Hypnosis and Mentalism. He's a member of the famous touring group called the Illusionists and the founder of Stage Hypnosis University where he trains hypnotherapists, doctors, executives and newbies from around the world how to put on amazing and lucrative stage demonstrations.