UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Zayna Ratty

Zayna Ratty is a Hypno-Psychotherapist based in Oxford in the UK who specialises in LGBTQIA+ and Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity. She is the founder of the Queer Poc Therapist Network which has the aim to unite clients and to source therapists who identify as Queer and PoC. Zayna is also an academic board member and presenter at various different organisations including Oxford University and she also writes mental health and diversity training for charities and corporations.

Zayna will be giving a presentation to the UKHC on the Friday afternoon entitled “Striving towards therapeutic competence within societal non-conforming narratives.” In this discussion with Etain, Zayna talks about the value of bringing awareness to this topic as a way of helping therapists feel comfortable and confident broaching this area with clients. Zayna talks about the fact that her presentation will help the audience understand some of the language and terminology used around sexuality and why it’s important for therapists to be aware of this. Zayna mentions that the presentation will also include a Q&A section so that she can respond to the needs of the audience on the day.

To see this presentation live, visit the relevant pages of this website to buy tickets.

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