UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Jørgen Rasmussen

In this video I am joined by Jørgen Rasmussen. And boy are we in for a treat with his presentation this year….

This year, his presentation is about how it’s possible to help people change an allergic response.

What’s more, there will be live change work on stage with one or more people with food allergies including testing of the results for everyone to see. If you are anybody you know would like to be a volunteer and work with Jørgen on stage, then get in touch with me and we’ll set it up.

In this video, Jørgen explains some of the broad strokes of his approach in working with allergies, and explains what we can expect from his live demo and testing of this application.

This presentation has important implications for all of us with an interest in mind-body work/psychosomatic issues. I am incredibly excited, and I think you might be able to tell in this video….

You can watch Jørgen’s presentation by joining us at the UK Hypnosis Convention in November. Full details of this presentation and about how to buy tickets can be found on the pages of this website.

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