UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Gary Turner

In the final speaker interview that I’ll be doing this year, I’m joined by the one and only Gary Turner.

Gary is a former 13x World Champion sportsman, now working in human performance. He’s known for working with what are perceived as extreme client issues and is regularly employed as a Subject Matter Expert by the British Army and others.

Since the first time I met him many years ago at a conference we were speaking at, Gary has referred to his toolbox, and more recently referred to himself as a tool, and in honour of this, he shares some actual tools that he could grab and hold up during this video (though there’s not a spanner, screwdriver or hammer in sight – Gary chooses some pretty random tools that I think will make you crack up here).

Gary has been ever present at the UK Hypnosis Convention and his presentation this year – Working Effectively with Anger – is discussed here, and Gary lets us know some of what we can expect. He explains that presentation will deliver knowledge, understanding, and offer practical solutions enabling any therapist to work effectively with anger.

For further information and to buy tickets for the UK Hypnosis Convention, visit the relevant pages of this website.

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