UKHC 2019 Speaker Interviews – Barry Thain

Barry Thain is delivering two talks at the UKHC. The first on Saturday, he is talking about his approach when working with pain. In this interview Tara talk’s with Barry about the individual approach he takes when working with his clients, he utilises a patient centric model and will be talking about the theory behind this approach. He will be utilising case studies of his 25 year experience working as a clinical hypnotist.

Barry has worked closely with the NHS for many years and he discusses how he got into this and some of the barriers that he has overcome. He shares his advice for other hypnotherapists who want to break into this type of work.

Barry will also be conducting a group supervision session on Sunday to share his experience with anyone wanting to find out more about supervision, or to ask specific questions that they have come across or indeed are burning following their attendance at the convention. If you would like to ask a question or submit a “hot topic” idea that you would like Barry to discuss, please email and put this forward for Barry to discuss on the day.

To watch Barry present and to buy tickets, please visit the relevant pages on this website.

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