Garry Coles

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Garry Coles

Full Day Workshop

10th November

Price: £295

1 in 2 born since 1960 will be affected by cancer at some time in their lives,
40% of those affected seek out complementary therapies,
20% of the population will be seeking YOUR help.


This workshop masterclass will demonstrate how hypnotherapy is an essential complementary intervention to assist in the patient’s cancer journey. Emotional and psychological support can be beneficial at all stages of the journey.

The masterclass will be in a lecture-style format, interspersed with demonstrations of techniques and case history discussions, aided by PowerPoint slides. Time will be given for Q & A’s.

You can find full information about this Workshop including details of included bonus content and ongoing access to resources and support by following this link.


Garry Coles

With over 17 years’ experience as a full-time hypnotherapist, Garry is one of a small number in the UK to hold an MSc in Clinical Hypnotherapy, for which he carried out ground-breaking research into the effects of presurgical hypnosis on the recovery quality in breast cancer operations.

Garry is contracted to a major NHS hospital for oncology-based hypnotherapeutic work, where he consults on a regular basis, in addition to practising from within a local GP surgery. He is highly sought after, to train doctors, psychologists and hypnotherapists around the world, in Hypno-Oncology.

He is a regular international presenter on a number of topics, including Hypno-Oncology, Psychoneuroimmunology and Academic Research.