Wait, What?

Change, Meaning, and Confusion

Fredric Mau

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Fredric Mau

What does therapeutic change look like – how does it happen? Not gradually over time; real change is a sudden shift in the meaning of our lives, in how we see who we are. Not merely cognitive information, our stories are deeply emotional, and create even physical changes in our bodies. This is a fascinating look at both the neurology of belief, and the surprising and practical therapeutic use of confusion to create new meaning.

Internationally known speaker, author, and US clinical mental health counselor, Dr. Fredric Mau has presented at every UKHC. In 2019 he was the keynote speaker for the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, and was recognized by his peers as the Outstanding Counselor in his state. He has won awards in Europe and the US. Dr. Mau is known for his careful scientific study of the basis of hypnosis, his extensive clinical experience, and his joyful, entertaining presentations.

2 hour presentation
17:00 - 18:45

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