The First 5 Minutes…

How to Stack the Odds of Success in the First 5 Minutes of a Client Session

Howard Cooper

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Howard Cooper

The client walks in – perhaps they are little apprehensive? Perhaps excited? Perhaps intrigued? They don’t really know what’s in store for them. So what can you do to increase the chances of positive session occurring. What are the ‘alarm bells’ to watch out for (those things that a client could say or do that could take things off course)? How do you set the frame so that change is more likely? All this will be explored… and more. I can’t wait.

Howard Cooper is known for helping people to create RAPID shifts in their thinking. He rejects the notion that deep & lasting change has to take a long time and over the years he's seen some incredible transformations. He has worked on 'Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear' course, writes magazine columns, talks about change on LBC and even hosts his own podcast (Rapid Change Matters) to name a few. All this has gone into the “melting pot” that is Howard’s experience which he is now keen to share with others in the business.

1 hour presentation
10:45 - 11:45
Kew Theatre

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