Taking the Hits: If You’ve Hit Your Head, You’ve Had a Concussive Brain Injury

What Every Therapist Needs to Understand About Head Impacts and Behaviour

Gary Turner

Presented by

Gary Turner

My PhD is concerned with behavioural effects of concussive brain injury. We need a functioning brain to think, act and behave – all mentation is biological. Impact to the head causes traumatic brain injury affecting sensation, perception, motor control – our very cognition and behaviour.

This presentation delivers what therapists need to understand about concussive brain injury and behaviour, and is of particular relevance to those working with mood disorders such as anxiety, anger, anxiety and depression, aggression, PTSD, suicide, and ‘late effects’ such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Gary is a hypnotherapist and is researching a multi-disciplinary PhD at Winchester University. He utilises hypnosis in all areas of his work, whether directly with individuals, with groups, delivering workshops, or during motivational talks. An experienced speaker, Gary regularly guest lectures at Winchester University on a diverse range of subjects including hypnosis, industry skills, applied sports psychology, working with eating disorders/disordered eating/body dysmorphia and history of sport. Gary is a former multiple-times World Champion sportsman.

1 hour presentation
13:45 - 14:45

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