So You’re Stuck in a Rut…?

Let My Experience of Developing a Unique Programme Guide and Inspire You to Follow Through on Your Ideas!

Annalise Kirk

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Annalise Kirk

Have you ever had a small seed of an idea of how you could progress your business and income, then not followed it through?

Let me tell you how a small conversation with my partner ended up in a successful collaboration and online programme which is accessed all over the world. Hear about our challenges, what we learned along the way, and discover my top tips to get you motivated.

I qualified in 2010 but have been a full-time front-line hypnotherapist since 2013. I have spoken to businesses, charities, colleges & at business shows, & deliver my own self-hypnosis, sleep & anxiety courses. I have also produced & designed my own Hypnosis CD. I don't just help people using hypnotherapy - I also use these techniques to help myself, most recently to get over my fear of heights so I could to The Gherkin restaurant, London.

1 hour presentation
11:45 - 12:45

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