Slaying the Impostor Monster

3 Steps to Silence the Inner Critic and Step Into Confidence

Lori Hammond

Presented by

Lori Hammond

Are you waiting to take action until you get one more certification…take one more training…learn a few more protocols? Do you feel discouraged when you see what other hypnosis professionals are doing and think, ā€œIā€™m never going to catch up!ā€ This experiential presentation gives you simple, effective NLP and self-hypnosis tools that let you release impostor syndrome and harness the confidence to move forward and make a difference.

Lori Hammond is an engaging speaker who draws out the listener's inborn latent potential. Lori believes we all have gifts and abilities inside that allow us to change behaviours, create empowering habits, and live the life of our dreams. She has dedicated her career to distilling the science of behaviour change into simple, actionable, oh-so-effective protocols that let you tap into your unseen internal resources to change your life.

2 hour presentation
08:45 - 10:45

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