The Singing Hypnotist and More.....

Christopher Green

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Christopher Green

Christopher presents extracts from his book Overpowered! and talks about the creation of his show The Singing Hypnotist. He reflects on what his studies of the history of stage hypnotism and clinical hypnotherapy have given him as a performer, theatre maker and in his own life.

Christopher Green is a multi-award-winning theatre maker and performer. He is known for innovative character entertainments and experiential shows that question and enjoy the role of the audience. You might know him as the author of Overpowered! The Science and Showbiz of Hypnosis. This came about as a result of his research when he was the first Artist in Residence at the British Library. Christopher created The Singing Hypnotist – an entirely sung stage hypnosis routine www.christophergreen.net

1 hour presentation
11:45 - 12:45
Kew Theatre

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