Metaphors Be With You!

Using metaphor and advanced story-telling to transform lives

Mike Mandel

Presented by

Mike Mandel

2 hour intensive workshop with practical application. Metaphor for speakers, therapists, hypnotists and coaches. We unpack numerous types of powerful metaphors for change, including isomorphic, general salubrious and multiple embedded loops. Attendees will both learn and apply the methods taught in class.

Full-time hypnotist for 45 years. Provides forensic hypnosis (including murder cases) forensic graphology, and training to police services through North America. Was a stage hypnotist with 5,000 shows experience in Canada, US, UK and Australia. Teaches live Architecture of Hypnosis class at St. Michael's College, University of Toronto. President of Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. Professional speaker since 1992. NLP New Code Trainer.

2 hour presentation
08:45 - 10:30
Kew Theatre

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