Is Age Regression Really Beneficial for Hypnosis Clients?

Presented by

Markus Lehnert

For decades, students in hypnosis training have been taught the importance of going to the root cause of each symptom or incident and resolving or working through it there. Only then, it seems, can a change take place in the here and now. In doing so, we assume that the past has an influence on our future. But is that really the case? And how does it affect our clients when they believe that something or someone is to blame for their present condition?

Born in 1973 and raised in Austria, Markus Lehnert initially worked for twelve years as an investment banker in New York, London and Frankfurt. After further positions in top management in internationally operating corporations, Markus is now a holistic business coach and life coach trained in the United States and Germany and an award-winning certified hypnotherapist, regressionist, trainer, keynote speaker and author. Markus lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

1 hour presentation
11:45 - 12:45

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