The Magic, Music, (Wo)Men & Mayhem of ‘The Golden Age’ of Mesmerism

Amy Ellingham

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Amy Ellingham

What do you really know about the history of hypnosis?

Want to escape from the frock-coated shadows of the stereotypical male ‘power hypnotist’? Wondering what role women, girls, minorities and the impoverished played in shaping hypnosis as we know it today? Wish to be surprised and inspired beyond the usual potted Mesmer-Puységur-Esdaile-Braid history of your field?

Join me for a weird and wonderful romp through hypnosis’ past – and better understand our present and future, too!

Amy is a communications professional, soon-to-qualify hypnotherapist and passionate creative writer. She’s writing a novel based on George du Maurier’s ‘Trilby’ – the most popular and sensational novel of its time, featuring infamous hypnotist: Svengali. Her broad – and obscure! – research into ‘The Golden Age of Mesmerism’ provides surprising and inspiring stories and insights from hypnosis’ past, present and future. Amy is also, incidentally, behind ‘Cosmic Pancakes!’, a new hub helping hypnotists with branding, marketing and communications.

1 hour presentation
16:00 - 17:00

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