I’m not your therapist!

The relationship of medicine with Hypnosis in the present day.

Flávio Grzybowski

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Flávio Grzybowski

With this presentation, I want to explain how Medicine sees the practice of Hypnosis, making it clear that it is more useful and practical, as a doctor, to teach patients how to use hypnosis in their everyday life instead of using therapy approaches, guiding this practice for psychologists and other professionals in the field of therapy. I use this approach in my daily practice, with more effective results, without the need for a psychological follow-up by the physician, which can impact the professional’s time.

My name is Flávio Grzybowski. I am an orthopedist in Brazil and work using hypnosis in association with the control of chronic pain in orthopedic patients. I believe that Medicine can incorporate Hypnosis in its daily practice. I believe that the doctor does not have to be a therapist but rather a practitioner of hypnosis.

1 hour presentation
14:45 - 15:45

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