Hypnosis Without Imagination, Change Without Suggestion

Creating the Magic Without Needing to Be a Magician

Tim Box

Presented by

Tim Box

Having originally been taught that all hypnosis starts with the imagination, it greatly surprised Tim when he realised it didn’t. In this session Tim will show you how to achieve eye-opening and mind-blowing moments of hypnotic phenomena with clients without having to direct the imagination and how to achieve changes without giving hypnotic suggestions. He’ll also teach you a trance induction that you don’t know and nobody ever uses!

Tim Box is a remedial hypnotist and international hypnosis trainer. He has been running a successful practice in the south of England and presenting hypnosis to groups inside and outside the industry for the last 9 years. Formerly a lead trainer for Hypnoarts Academy, in 2015 he began running trainings in his own system; CONTROL, training practitioners throughout the UK, Europe and the US. Tim’s presentations are known for being rich in practical demonstrations.

1 hour presentation
16:00 - 17:00

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