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Barbara Scholl

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Barbara Scholl

Globally there is an immense need for Hypnotherapists for children & adolescents. Let me introduce you to the HypnoKids® method, which provides you with the A-Z training. Yes, really, A-Z. Uncovering, cause-oriented regression, according to Gerald F. Kein, in child-adapted version is one of our milestones. Come check out this absolutely meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling niche. See you there, love Barbara from Zurich, Switzerland.

Barbara Scholl grew up in Switzerland, Brazil, and USA and has all her spotlights on kids & teens hypnotherapy. She is OMNI & NGH certified and trains the HypnoKids® method on a global basis. As a best-selling author and renowned speaker, she manages to pass on her personal passion for child hypnotherapy to other talented therapists who long to work with the youngest of this world. People describe her as a dynamic and truly sincere professional who communicates on eye level and openly shares all her knowledge.

2 hour presentation
08:30 - 10:30

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