Discovering the True Self

Working With Clients in Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse

Tracey Grist

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Tracey Grist

When a client has experienced narcissistic abuse they will generally present with a cluster of esteem issues usually exaggerated by being a HSP. Working with the client can present different demands on the hypnotherapist, challenging the battle between responsibility and the magic of hypnosis. The presentation will look at the nature of Narcissistic abuse, will look at the definitions around the buzzwords connected to the currently fashionable term and why it doesn’t apply to most clients. The structure of sessions, and how the recovery works. Scripts and session formulas will be given out.

Tracey Grist is a hypnotherapist in private practice, London and specialises in self esteem and recovery from Narcissistic abuse. Tracey trained as a counsellor but felt that it didn’t give the ‘how’ to create change so when she discovered Hypnotherapy she realised she would always be a hypnotherapist. In the past Tracey worked closely with the Echo society (specialist therapists for Narcissistic abuse) and is currently chairman for the NCH, as it is always important for her to follow her passion and invest into the bigger picture for future generations to build upon. Formerly a Stained glass artist Tracey has always been interested and involved in communication, not just that which we speak but how we communicate without words; through passion and expression in the spaces between.

1 hour presentation
14:45 - 15:45
Kew Theatre

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