Why I changed my mind on Regression

A journey from ardent proponent to outspoken critic

Nick Ebdon

Presented by

Nick Ebdon

This presentation is an overview of my journey from ardent proponent of the principles of regression to cause (R2C) therapy, to one of its more outspoken critics, questioning its place in a modern hypnotherapy practice.

Less than five years ago I was a certified instructor for one of the largest hypnosis training organisations in the world, with R2C central to its teachings and its philosophy.

Now I will share with you how my growing doubts and experiences as a therapist and trainer caused me to question my own beliefs, everything I was doing and teaching to others and why I believe people should look at the R2C movement more critically and objectively.

Nick Ebdon is a personal and professional coach, trainer, business consultant and trading advisor. He has trained in a number of therapeutic and coaching modalities and is a former NGH and OMNI Hypnosis Certified Instructor. He launched the first UK Hypnosis Convention in 2016 and is incredibly proud to see it firmly establishing itself in its fourth year and under new owners, as the pre-eminent event for serious professional hypnotherapists and hypnotists.

1 hour presentation
10:45 - 11:45

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