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How to create unique language patterns on the spot [no scripts required]

Dipti Tait

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Dipti Tait

Would you love to help your clients get into a hypnotic trance without using a pre-written script?

In this presentation and demonstration, I will explain how to tailor-make specific and non-specific language patterns and create unique trance sessions every time a client comes to see you.

I teach through explanation closely followed by demonstration and encourage participant interaction to ensure a good level of understanding is reached.

As well as demonstrations, there will be pair-work practice, questions and feedback at the end.

Trained in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy by David Newton and nicknamed by Adam Eason as the Darling of Breakfast TV. Dipti is a motivational speaker and lecturer while running an international hypnotherapy practice and private clinic in the Cotswolds. She is the Author of Good Grief, a book written after losing her parents to cancer. Dipti is also a mum of two exceptionally well behaved teenage boys. [Hypnosis skills clearly excellent! ]

2 hour presentation
17:00 - 18:45

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