Are we a slave to our business, or, is our business a slave to us?

Are we building on Tectonic Plates?

Jonathan Kattenberg

Presented by

Jonathan Kattenberg

An interactive presentation that takes the audience on a journey which will support them to challenge how they work. Are they truly being effective for themselves or just being a slave to the systematic demands?

Providing an insight on how to work efficiently and effectively to achieve the financial wealth and lifestyle they desire, with examples of how to become tax efficient with their premises, and uncover how they have become conditioned themselves to work in the way that they do at present. Also exploring – Are we missing opportunities of business!

Life and Wealth Coach with over 20 years experience in working with peoples minds in relation to how they are conditioned and work with their financial affairs. Author of “How To Build On Tectonic Plates” and adventurer of extreme events (my next challenge is a 430 mile foot race in temperatures of minus 40 degrees whilst pulling my own supplies) I help people achieve clarity in how they structure and achieve their life ambitions and much more. Currently in final preparations for UK expansion in 2019 for 70 practitioners to represent Life Wealth Coaching.

2 hour presentation
10:45 - 12:45

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