A Hypersuggestible Conscious Manifestation of a Subconscious Nightmare!

Sheryl Hill

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Sheryl Hill

In 2009, the internet started buzzing from individuals who were posting about having fears of holes and clusters. The triggers were connected to holes in nature and those manmade. The cluster syndrome was described as “anything too close together, that makes me itch.” This previously unknown condition seemed to be ramping up from nowhere. Support groups sprung up overnight in chat rooms and on social media.

I believe Trypophobia is a subconscious manifestation of hypersuggestibility, and that not only are these individuals triggered by the environment, they are also triggered by each other, which is causing the condition to spread.

Sheryl is a graduate of the HMI College of Hypnotherapy, where she earned an honours diploma in clinical hypnotherapy. She interned and completed her post certification medical training at HPTI. Sheryl practices hypnotherapy as part of the New U Therapy Group in Valencia California, and has a private practice specializing in medical dental hypnosis, anxiety, PTSD and hypersuggestibility. Sheryl has post graduate certifications and advanced training in neurobiology and psychopharmacology, She holds a master’s level certification in therapeutic imagery, hypnosis for addiction and advanced handwriting analysis. Sheryl assists in teaching dentists how to work with patients using hypnosis and relaxation techniques at the UCLA Dental School as part of its continuing education series and also teaches UCLA Integrative Medical Students hypnotic theory. Author of the book, “Sleepwalking Through Life. Environmental Hypnosis and the Devastating Effect of Somnambulism”, Sheryl is a frequent speaker on the subject on how the conscious mind manifests hypersuggestibility. She also blogs under the name, The Natural Somnambulist for She is an internationally known speaker on the subject of somnambulism and environmental hypnosis.

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