Managing Test Anxiety with Hypnosis

Linda Witchell

Presented by

Linda Witchell

Test anxiety has a huge impact on not only the individual but also society. Tests, exams and other knowledge and skills measures are everywhere in life. There are tests at school, college, university and work but they cause many people considerable stress and anxiety. Hypnosis can help, but what is test anxiety and how effective is hypnosis in helping people? In this presentation the research surrounding treatment of test anxiety is explored and the management of test anxiety with hypnosis presented in a clear step by step approach.

Linda, an award-winning hypnotherapist, counsellor and coach was once described as an influential woman. Linda helps people to change and develop their true potential by empowering them to remove barriers and focus their minds. A retired nurse with over 13 years practicing as a hypnotherapist she specialises in anxiety and bereavement issues. She has an MSc in Hypnosis and is currently studying for an MSc in Psychology.

1 hour presentation
10:45 - 11:45

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