On the Friday night of the convention, come and join us for an evening of fun, entertainment, education and share in the love of all things hypnosis. 

Adam Eason will be hosting a special live edition of the Hypnosis Weekly podcast featuring a guest panel comprising of Anthony Jacquin, Gary Turner, James Tripp* and Melissa Tiers. 

*This live special will reunite the same participants that contributed to the most listened to podcast in hypnosis-weekly history and welcomes Melissa Tiers, one of the most popular guests of 2016, to take part in the UKHC 2017 special.


The UK Hypnosis Convention shares a value with the Hypnosis Weekly podcast; we both aim to encompass a feeling of embracing diversity, celebrating the field of hypnosis and encouraging friendly, professional, enjoyable discussion and debate, as well as informing and educating. 
Come and be a member of the audience and fire questions at the panel, or just sit back and soak up all the hypnosis themed shenanigans. 
There will be time limits for the panel to answer questions in order that plenty of questions are answered and that all get the same opportunity to respond. There’ll also be open debate, discussion, there’ll be a wide and diverse range of responses and there’ll be a huge amount of education to be had during this session. 
Additionally, there will be a spin on some of the podcast’s regular features: 
Hypnosis In The News: The panel will be asked to offer their thoughts, interpretation and opinions on a range of high profile hypnosis themed stories to have featured in the media in the past year. 
Hypnosis Factoids: The panel members will all be bringing some of their favourite hypnosis factoids to dazzle you with too. 
It is going to be dynamic and have pace to it, there is going to be plenty of fun too. With it being a live broadcasted episode, there’ll be no editing, no preparation, and so the usual gaffs and off-air antics will be there for all to see and enjoy. 
Come and join us for the Friday night of the convention, grab a drink, network with professional peers, come and watch the live broadcast of Hypnosis Weekly with our panel and get in the mood for the convention, or even if you do not have a ticket for the convention, simply come and taste the environment and enjoy the atmosphere of the UK’s largest hypnosis convention. 

"The panel members do not share the same stance as each other and at times have major differences in approach and leaning, but as Adam says: “all are incredibly lovely people who I’d happily talk with until late in the pub” and all of whom will be responding to questions from the public that have been posted on social media prior to the event as well as questions posed by members of the live audience - and you are invited to join us."


Share in the fun

Want to play a part?

Spaces will be limited,
and as in last year's Friday night 
your name will need to be on the guest list;