March 21, 2016

Martin Castor Peterson

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Country      Denmark

Details of Certifications & Professional Memberships

Receiver of the IHF Award of Excellence of International Education 2013 Member of:ISAHt, IAPCH, IACT, ISHF, NGH, ICBCH, IHF, N.A.M.E. Certified Instructor by: ISAHt, IAPCH, IACT, ISHF, IHF, DEHI

A Little About Yourself

Have been starring on Hypnothoughts in Las Vegas, with some of the most popular workshops tha last 3 years. Guest and Keynote speaker on Life Expo Los Angeles, og IHF Hypnosis conferences several years, World hypnotism day and much more. Guest teacher on University of Copenhagen, for there foreign neurology students. Performed as headliner in Vegas as a stage hypnotist. Performed all over the world as a modern mentalist, mental manipulator and “body reader”. Hypnosis Consultant on 3 seasons of the award winning danish tv show “Messing with your mind” Worked with hypnosis since 1998 • Teaching Internationally (Hypnosis and more) in Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Ireland, Greenland, Holland, Belgium, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain and Italy • Hypnosis shows in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy, Greenland, Austria, England, USA & Greece. • Clients from Portugal, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Croatia and more.