April 18, 2016



In the work that we do as Hypnotherapists, all of us can be susceptible to burnout - not only because we are of service to others when they are at their most troubled and vulnerable, but also as self employed business owners, there is a lot to do and a lot to think about! Even if we love the work that we do, we can still be prone to burnout from time to time. During this presentation, Sarah will draw upon her own experiences, combined with her training, and expertise to cover: - What Therapist Burnout actually is; - How to spot the early warning signs; - How to create a business (and life) free from burnout, so that you can do your best work with clients, and have a business that supports you, not exhausts you!

As a hypnotherapist and business owner, we can have the best marketing strategy in the world, the best hypnosis training money can buy, and indeed be very good at what we do, but if we are not firing all cylinders ourself, then the rest has little impact, or is certainly not helping us reach our full potential in life and in business. This type of presentation, and the topic I am proposing to discuss is different to all other presentations you might have had at this conference, so this would offer up something unique, but very necessary in my opinion. As a therapist, having this knowledge and awareness, has a positive impact on the field of hypnotherapy because it potentially means more hypnotherapists are likely to stay in business, and ultimately helping more clients.