April 18, 2016



The Wall (the power of templating the perfect Consultation)

The presentation will reveal HOW the Perfect Consultation can indeed be finely tuned in order to give the consultant total control in the therapy room and find out everything that needs to be discovered in order to reveal to both the consultant and client that a healthy and successful outcome can be expected from the therapy.

The object of the presentation will be to show the delegate that having properly constructed templates they can be enabled to roam freely in their therapy room with an unknown client in the knowledge they cannot get lost but rather will know exactly what they are doing at all times feeling and BEING totally in control throughout the entire session. And having the absolute knowledge that this will be transferred to the client.

This presentation is entirely the work and design of the presenter (Bob Burns) although a few giants' have had their shoulders gently stepped on in its design over many years. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is entirely based on giving the impression to the client that the consultant is totally in control and knows exactly what they are doing, indeed revealing empirical evidence of that being the case from beginning to end (essential in any Consultation) in order that the client knows this to be the case. The good news is that they will indeed know precisely what they are doing and how to handle any situations that happens within the session due to the template (The Wall) revealed to them throughout the presentation.