May 24, 2016


Hypnosis For Super Immunity and Advanced Endurance

Description of Presentation: 
The advancement of the immune system and an individual’s endurance have a great deal in common and this presentation will demonstrate and highlight how. 
This will be a highly evidence based presentation highlighting the literature and scientific support for the application of hypnosis and the way it can effect and influence the immune system and production of specific hormones and cells in the body. The mechanisms by which hypnosis does this will be demonstrated and explained. With a wide variety and range of clinical issues this information can be applied to, there will also be extensive session outlines and researched protocols offered up for all present to take away and use with clients.
This presentation will also move on to highlight how to use hypnosis to advance any individual's cardio respiratory endurance. The evidence base will be explored and presented to support the principles offered up, specific methodologies and techniques employed by researchers will be highlighted and translated into ways that any hypnotherapist can apply to a growing number of clients looking for help to advance the performance in running, swimming, cycling and any other endurance sport or activity. Step-by-step session guides will be given to all attending so that there is a very practical set of tools that can be taken away and applied straight away for great effect.
What is the objective of the presentation: 
The methodologies and underpinning principles of using hypnosis to advance immune functioning are very similar to that of advancing endurance as this presentation will demonstrate. 
Did you know that when applied in particular ways, hypnosis can directly influence the body's productions of NK cells, lymphocytes and white blood cells? Specific studies have demonstrated this. Additional studies have demonstrated significant alteration of immune system response as measured by B-cells and helper T-cells. Yet other studies have even shown that hypnosis can differentially increase the 'stickiness' of just a single type of white blood cell cell. In this presentation, I will highlight these fascinating studies, and also explain the mechanisms that make hypnosis effective in this way. As well as presenting the research to support this application of hypnosis, this presentation will also give detailed methodologies of how hypnosis has been used in research and will offer all those present the exact protocols to use to be able to apply hypnosis to advance immune functioning within anyone. I will give step-by-step outlines of hypnosis sessions that can be used to effect immune functioning and responses in anyone. The applications for adults and children are numerous and include not just immune related illness, but also how individuals react to stressful situations, recover from injuries, deal with trauma and even how they respond to and deal with a common cold. You'll be equipped to make a substantial difference in the lives of many prospective clients as a result of this presentation.
Additionally, some of the biggest growth areas of mass participation sports and activities in the UK and the world beyond are running, cycling, swimming and all three together with triathlon. Parkruns happen every week with more and more people taking part. Team GB's amazing cycling success has inspired many and these sports are incredibly popular today - as a result the market of potential clients looking to advance their abilities in these sports is massive. This presentation will show you that you can offer this growing market place a very real, very evidence-based opportunity to perform better and to greatly advance their endurance and ability to perform in endurance events of any kind (from a trek across a hill, 5k run, a 100 mile cycle, or a Channel crossing swim attempt!)
What makes this presentation unique?
This will be the first time that I have delivered this lecture publicly. I am compiling it based upon my own personal and professional interest in these applications of hypnosis. My research has been incredibly thorough and I have worked alongside top hypnosis researchers with my exploration of this topic. Very few seem to be aware of these ways of employing hypnosis and the wide number of issues that they can be applied to. There'll be deep theoretical underpinning, but also a lot of very practical skills and techniques to take away and use straight away. 
Most hypnotherapists will recognise that hypnosis can be applied to reduce pain, manage anxiety, advance motivation and - all of which are incredibly useful when it comes to endurance activities or sporting events and hobbies. I'll highlight these and make them relevant. Did you know though, that there is evidence to support the use of hypnosis as a means of oxygenating the blood? That hypnosis can be used to advance the body's ability to recover from high exertion activities? Did you know that hypnosis can be used to dramatically alter perceived levels of effort when engaged in endurance actitivities? Or that it has some seemingly unusual but very evidence based applications that means it can effectively enhance cardio respiratory endurance, sometimes even in the absence of having done any physical training? 
The research gets cited and explained, but also the ways that hypnosis functions so effectively in these ways will be explained so that the rationale of the approaches is understood. Likewise, my experience has seen me work directly with a multi world record holding endurance runner, former world champion athletes, members of Team GB as well as presenting alongside Sally Gunnell and Steve Cramm on BBC1 - all using the mind to advance cardio respiratory endurance and immune functioning with great success. I'll draw upon much of this experience and show how any qualified hypnotherapist can apply this knowledge and practical skill-set with a very large potential clientelle. I'll also highlight ways in which your existing training can help you to dip into this massive market of potential clients and tweak that skillset and knowledge base for impressive effect with regards to advancing cardio respiratory endurance. With a lot of fascinating theoretical underpinning and research, this presentation will offer up much for the hypnosis geeks, but also offer a great deal for those looking to expand their potential clientelle, and those looking for a wide number of new practical skills to use in their professional work.