April 18, 2016


Title Of Presentation Dave Elman’s Inductions – The Ones You Do Not Know
Duration One Hour
Description of Presentation Many hypnotists and hypnotherapists know the Dave Elman Induction (“the DEI”). Few realize that Dave Elman routinely taught and used over a dozen other Inductions. The DEI primarily has three common uses – teaching tool and first induction; best induction for an initial session with a new client; and high reliability when that is advantageous. But what of the need for an induction on a later session? Or what inductions are useful for impressing a group with an induction no one expected? Or what does one prefer for children of assorted ages? Or…..? This Presentation and accompanying Discussion will address those issues, and relate the induction process to most other portions of your session. Attendees will both practice and discuss the inductions and ideas presented.
What is the objective of the presentation? Your client has been induced several times using the DEI. You feel you will get better results if you satisfy that client’s curiosity concerning hypnosis, and doing so will also demonstrate your professional knowledge. What do you chose for an induction? There are many similar situations. The three Objectives of this Presentation are to introduce the attendees to additional Dave Elman inductions; to increase their knowledge and understanding of the induction process itself; and to relate this understanding to other portions of your client sessions.
What makes this presentation unique? Very few hypnotists today have ever seen or done most of the inductions that will be presented here. Some are mentioned in Dave Elman’s Hypnotherapy; a few have been resurrected or evolved by other practitioners; but most have been lost to the profession. Equally important, a good hypnotist/hypnotherapist does not concentrate just on learning the patter that was used, but on understanding how and why a particular induction works and when it is appropriate or provides an advantage. Understanding induction as a process assists in understanding and improving many other aspects of your session with a client. Attendee participation as well as practice will be encouraged.
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