April 18, 2016


Title Of Presentation Carcinos working with hypnosis and cancer and severe illnesses 
Duration Two Hours
Description of Presentation Carcinos is the Greek word for cancer that the physician Hippocrates used to describe tumors. It is used here as an acronym for the concepts Cancer, Anger, Relief, Control, Immune System, No Harm, Opinion and Self-hypnosis to describe important ingredients for a hypnosis program to work with hypnosis with people who have cancer or another severe illness. In this presentation the following topics will be discussed: – What is cancer? – Alternative views on cancer – Alternative principles in fighting cancer – Points for intervention _ The role of emotions _ Bringing back control to the client _ Supporting the immune system with hypnosis _ The importance of enhancing self worth hand self esteem _ What are the possible interventions using hypnosis with regards to cancer - an overview of techniques _ Group demo with Light shield Protection script _ Individual demo with Light body Inner Child Hypnosis
What is the objective of the presentation? Bring awareness that many things can be done for cancer patients with techniques that most hypnotherapists already have access to. 
What makes this presentation unique? - The general overview of research on techniques - The demo's on the Light Shield Protection Shield and the Light Body Inner Child Hypnosis
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