April 18, 2016


Title Of Presentation Building Emotional Resilience with SleepTalk for Children: Goulding Process
Duration Two Hours
Description of Presentation This presentation gives an overview of the Goulding Process of SleepTalk for Children, and several interactive workshop activities to stimulate thinking of how the process can change negative belief systems to positive belief systems. This process, presented by the parents to the Child(children) can create a "shift" in the family and results create happy child(ren) and more balanced family....all for 2-3 minutes a night.. 
What is the objective of the presentation?  Participants will describe the 5 main steps of the Top Hat Theory as it applies to the child’s conscious and subconscious mind during the sleep process.  Participants will list at least 6 areas of behavior that can be helped by the Goulding Process of SleepTalk™.  Participants will identify 3 under targeted markets to schedule presentations which will increase their client base.  Participants will identify 2 special needs populations that this process works very well with.
What makes this presentation unique? As hypnotists, hypnotherapists and psychologists, many of us work with children. Their improvement of the presentng problem(s) are often reduced through unchanged influences in their environment. The Goulding Process of SleepTalk™.for Children engages the parents, as active participants and helps to open overall communication and emotional resilience between members of the family unit. 
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