March 21, 2016

Larry & Cheryl Elman

Larry Elman

A Little About Larry

H Larry Elman, CH, CI, CHt, CMT is Dave Elman's son. Larry took his father's course several times before attending MIT. During careers in engineering and the Air Force, Larry had to restrict his hypnosis activities. Now CEO of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute, Larry lectures and teaches hypnosis internationally, as well as producing CDs and DVDs demonstrating Dave Elman’s medical hypnosis methods.

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Cheryl Elman

A Little About Yourself

I am a Certified Hypnotist and Master Trainer and enjoy speaking and training on Dave Elman Hypnosis Methods and the Goulding Process of SleepTalk for Children. I have trained and co-instructed with my husband, H Larry Elman in 17 countries on 5 continents.

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