I hope you have all had a great a wonderful week and are now looking forward to having an even more wonderful weekend.

Last week I received some sad news that Larry and Cheryl Elman are having to pull out of this years convention due to health concerns and Larry needing a medical procedure which will result in him being unable to travel. This has come as a blow to both the UKHC and as Larry and Cheryl were scheduled to present at not only London but also Zurich the weekend before.

When I found out that Larry would not be making the trip I really wanted to give participants a speaker that has not only made some significant contributions to the profession over the years, but who would hopefully excite guests of the convention with his informative and demonstrative style of presenting . Therefore I am extremely pleased and grateful to be able to announce Joergen Rasmussen as the convention replacement for Larry Elman. Joergen has an impressive and justified following and I know his two hour slot on Sunday morning is going to be compensation enough for the sad news of Larry’s absence.

larry-elman jorgen rasmussen

Beryl Comar has also been incredibly kind (as she always is inclined to be) by stepping in and offering to take over the responsibility of presenting on the SleepTalk process in place of Cheryl, which is great news for me and anyone who had earmarked that as one of the presentations they were going to see (though to free Beryl up from presenting duties it will now be happening on Saturday morning). So on behalf of myself and the convention thanks as always Beryl for your support!

ce1 beryl comar

I apologise for those in reserve who have not made it thus far onto the presenter roster, but as we saw last year, life happens right up to the start of the convention and people may still get a chance to contribute. Its wonderful to see that many of you that have not yet been chosen have still generously bought tickets to enjoy, learn from and support your fellow applicants and this support you are giving the convention and your peers will not go unnoticed.

Lastly, Larry rest up and build up your strength for next year! We will raise a glass and toast you both in your absence and look forward to an incident free 2018 when the UKHC can finally play host to the Elmans!

Have a great weekend all!