February 6, 2016

UK Hypnosis Convention 2017

UK Hypnosis Convention 2017 - London 3rd-5th November 2017

2016 saw the arrival of The UK Hypnosis Convention  - a hypnosis convention that was open to all hypnosis training biases and was inclusive of all associations and schools of thought. I was very keen that the convention would have a real international flavour to it and as promotion begun, was overwhelmed with how well received the idea was amongst the domestic and international hypnosis communities.

It was very clear from the immediate camaraderie of the Friday evening and the warmness and generosity of those in attendance that the weekend was going to be something special, yet by the end of Sunday evening, the success of the convention had exceeded all of our expectations.

In 2017 we are raising the bar and committing to making it bigger and more polished. If you attended the 2016 convention you would have been in no doubt that you were part of something very special and this was entirely down to the positive attitude, the high calibre and the enthusiasm of our presenters and amazing guests.

Join the UKHC family in November 2017.

Nick Ebdon

Why Should You Attend?

What Makes This Convention Special

The UK Hypnosis Convention provides a truly open and inclusive platform where everyone is welcome and everybody is encouraged to actively participate and engage with one another.

The convention is fully intended to be an informal and friendly occasion, where everybody is equal and respectful of eachother and appreciative of different skill sets and views. Unlike some other conferences and conventions, the organiser Nick Ebdon, with no commercial interests in any organisations or training schools, will not be seeking to promote himself professionally during the convention, but rather pushing the agenda of sharing knowledge and collectively promoting hypnosis and hypnotherapy worldwide.

To help encourage an atmosphere of friendliness and cooperation, there will be a Gala Dinner on the Saturday night to celebrate each other, new friendships and this wonderful profession.

What To Expect

At the UK Hypnosis Convention 2017

 Visitors to the UK Hypnosis Convention can expect:

  • More than 35 speakers from an array of domestic and international experts.

  • Typically over lectures from experienced experts in their fields

  • Pre and Post convention seminars

  • Gala Dinner on Saturday evening, with a key note speech.

  • Stalls and Information Stands

  • Easily accessible, centralised locations

Convention Prices for Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November 2017

Both Days

  • From 1st May 2017: Ticket - £ 225.- (Incl. Gala Dinner)
  • Morning of 4th November - £190.- (Excl. Gala Dinner)

Individual Bookings

  • Saturday 4th November - £99.-
  • Sunday 5th November - £99.-
  • Gala Dinner (Saturday) - £50.-

The tickets provide you with access to all presentations on the days specified. 

Tickets for pre and post Convention Workshops and Seminars will be booked separately.




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