Two months to go!

August has seen the 2016 conference season get off to a flier with both the National Guild of Hypnotists and HypnoThoughts Live hosting their unique and hugely popular conventions in Massachusetts and Las Vegas respectively, celebrating the hypnosis industry.

The NGH template of pre and post convention workshops, concurrent presentations and Saturday night dinner and HypnoThoughts Live’s open and inclusive approach have clearly inspired us at the UK Hypnosis Convention to put on something that gives attendees choice, while promising to entertain, educate and allow people to make new friends, meet some of their professional inspirations and come away from it all with fond memories and greater knowledge.

To emphasise our desire to be open and inclusive and organisation and group friendly, we are offering members and visitors of both the aforementioned conventions the chance to purchase tickets to ours at a discount. You can contact us here or visit their facebook groups for more information.

You may also have be aware that you can contact the UK Hypnosis Convention presenters individually to obtain discounts to our event.

There is still availability to book your tickets so please do not hesitate to do so as experience has shown the biggest rush for convention tickets is during the last two months preceding an event and we do not want you to miss out!

This promises to be as fun as it is informative and hopefully the start of something that will grow to be as successful as the NGH, HypnoThoughts Live and Hypnosekongress annual conferences.