With more and more children struggling at school due to attention deficits or hyperactivity it is absolutely necessary to look into different options of working with those children. Prescribing medication should not be the only option a family has. As most children love to move and often can´t sit still the whole of a 1-2 hours therapy session, active alert hypnosis is the answer when working with children. In my presentation I will explain how active alert hypnosis can be used when working with children with any kind of attention deficit and / or hyperactivity. I will show participants how active alert hypnosis has the potential to become an important tool for any hypnotherapist interested in working with children and especially when working with children with attention deficits and / or hyperactivity. Within only a few sessions children can benefit from active alert hypnosis as it helps strengthening their self-awareness, boosts their self-esteem and self-reliance and finally helps them to get back control over their symptoms. I will give insight into case studies and explain how I set up my therapy plan using active alert hypnosis. For some participants this might also be an option for a new career path.

Attendees will understand the power and possibilities of active alert hypnosis when working with children with attention deficits and hyperactivity.

Participants will get tips, tricks and insight from a HypnoKids and active alert hypnosis therapist who is working with children with attention deficits and / or hyperactivity on a daily basis.