How would it be if you could deliver a ‘conversational hypnosis’ based pre-talk that not only set up your process work beautifully, but also created profound and generative change in and of itself in the vast majority of clients? Using The Mother of All Pre-Talk (MOAPT) you can reduce anxiety, worry and reactivity and hugely increase wellbeing in most clients with just one conversation. Here is a typical result (client experiencing massive ‘social phobia’ affecting his work – was shaking and mentally shutting down in meetings): “You know, I think having sessions with him something in my head has just clicked! I’m nowhere near as bad as before, I hardly even feel the way I did before about situations. Not shaking anymore, having a laugh in meetings etc. I feel great!” This was following two MOAPT conversations (the second of which was not really necessary) with no process work… and this is a very typical outcome! In this session, I will outlining how the MOAPT works and sharing some of my favourite tools and metaphors for delivering it.