Introducing the practical application of imagination as a tool to increase resilience in children or adults. Learn how offering a framework for understanding the way our minds and bodies relate to one another in a simple and memorable way can increase both the efficacy of hypnotic treatment and the client’s ability to take control of life’s ups and downs and have more fun.

This will share a slightly different perspective with an emphasis on how the practical application of imagination gives clients adaptable skills to use both for themselves and their children. The Imaginator Programmes are all about applying sound evidence based techniques in a fun, approachable way. My hope would be that attendees recognise the need for fun in therapy.

I shall be focusing on ways to empower our clients prior to using any actual hypnosis, giving them a sense of self-efficacy and increasing the success rate of our therapy. Resilience building is recognised as a fundamental requirement which is lacking in western society, and by sharing simple yet effective techniques to achieve this we can elevate our offering to clients.