An international Consulting Hypnotist shares her experiences of living and working overseas. Beryl Comar wants to help you know what it takes to expand your services abroad, understand the learning curves, and enjoy the many benefits by overcoming the obstacles she faced in 45 years of being a Brit abroad.

Learn about different laws & regulations, costs & fees, finding clients, MOUs, working with corporations, reaching out to local hypnotists and the self-talk that can hinder or move you to your new place.

By the end of this seminar participants will be able to:

  • Know how to build their businesses over seas
  • Find out about hypnosis laws and practices in various countries
  • Understand what it takes to move overseas
  • Learn what it takes to deliver your programmes out of UK
  • Discover the joys of being in different cultures and pitfalls that need to be overcome
  • Use your NLP skills to speak to different cultures
  • Network for your future move: Ask questions of experienced overseas hypnotists


Some Topics to be covered:

  1. Why/why not, go Present Overseas
  2. Understandings and Misunderstandings
  3. What Topics are Wanted Overseas
  4. What/what not, to take
  5. When … best and worst times
  6. Partnerships & Sponsors
  7. Where to go, or avoid
  8. How to get started
  9. Profit & Loss
  10. Extra tips