Hi folks, just a quick post to give you all the information you need if you are considering applying for a speaker position, or indeed have already done so. A convention is only as good as the speakers that speak at it and this year at UKHC2016 we were most definitely spoilt for choice when it came to the high calibre of presenters.

With the popularity of the convention and the high expectations already being put on UKHC2017 following our promise to make it even Bigger and Better, we are expecting even more speaker applications this year, especially as we are already at least five months ahead of where we were relative to last years preparations.

As a result it will regrettably mean that some applicants will be disappointed, but as in last year, they still may make the final cut through people ruling themselves out or pulling out through illness etc. so please, if you have any ambitions to present at the convention, submit your proposal.

Also, we have listened to your feedback and will be reducing the number of tracks running from four to three. This way we can still spoil you for choice but not quite as much as we did before. What this will also mean is that though some speakers may present more than one lecture, there will be relatively fewer doing so overall.

I’ve had a number of questions regarding who will speak, when I will be notifying people as to the speakers, why a few speakers have already been announced and so on and so forth so hopefully the below points will address any and all of your concerns. I hope my candid comments are appreciated as I want to be as honest and as transparent about the process as possible.

  • I will disclose that a very small number of speakers have already been guaranteed slots because of agreement struck before or during UKHC2016
  • It is unlikely that the full lineup of other presenters will be announced until January or February at the earliest. That said, trust in the quality of that final lineup and get your tickets early!
  • With that in mind, keep submitting until we advise that we are no longer accepting submissions.
  • We will however be announcing the pre and post convention classes before the end of the year.
  • As it currently stands, we intend to hold three Pre Convention and three Post Convention workshops. Some of these have been confirmed and suffice to say will be very popular indeed!
  • With regards to convention tickets, if you purchase a ticket and are subsequently asked to be a presenter, the full cost of the ticket will be refunded.
  • All unsuccessful applicants this year will be kept in consideration for next year and will also qualify for an additional discount on the cost of their tickets.
  • In the event of the convention being sold out before the final lineup of presenters is announced, preference will understandably be given to those applicants who have purchased tickets.
  • Some of the things we will take into consideration when selecting speakers are:
    • Will they bring people to the convention and put bums on seats.
    • Will they push and promote the convention (we don’t want people just showing up to speak).
    • Will people want to hear what they have to say.
    • Are there multiple submissions on the same topic.
    • Are we giving some less experienced speakers a platform
    • Are we giving a number of international speakers access to their followers in the UK
  • If it is economical to do so, we will be exploring the possibility of recording the entire convention.

As mentioned, I’m trying to be as transparent with the process as possible and sometimes that means trying to keep the right but delicate balance.

The ambition is to make this the event in the UK hypnosis calendar and it will only be successful if I get the balance right and keep as many people happy as realistically possible. All those guests returning to UKHC2017 will see that I have taken on board much of the feedback and done more of all the many things that work and addressed the odd thing that didn’t so it will be even more incredible in 2017. The feel was very much one of everyone being friends, being equal and all part of a fun and informative experience and we want more of the same next year. Therefore I am trying to make it as open as possible and get the best deal for everyone concerned.

With this in mind, for those unaware I have also arranged the following:

I’ve negotiated a cheaper rate of £149 for any night from 2nd Nov to 6th Nov which in the case of Friday and Saturday is £20 cheaper than last year and in the case of the other nights nearly £100 cheaper. I’ve set up an additional discount of 20% on convention tickets for anyone who signs up to the newsletter here, which is redeemable for the remainder of 2016.

Furthermore, for those paying online using paypal and credit cards, I have provided a payment plan facility to spread the cost of the tickets over six months for those convention participants worrying about finding the full cost of their tickets this side of Xmas.

Please do keep the questions coming and I will continue to work at making next year even greater!