Drawing upon decades of experience growing up around hypnosis and past life regression, stories will be drawn from both mine and my father’s practices. With a spirit of openness and learning, this presentation is about addressing the continuing debate around Regression Therapy while positively moving the conversation forward. The persistent success of the modality exists alongside legitimate concerns that also exist within the larger context of Hypnosis’ entrenched PR problems. During this talk, attendees will learn how to address the matters of ethical disclosures, philosophical quandaries, existential investigations, and everything in between.

The objective of the presentation is to move beyond past conservations and confusion amongst practitioners, clients, and patients alike. At the heart of Regression Therapy, there is a compassionate structure for working with memory. As scientific and/or spiritual ideas are projected onto it, so are gray areas, biases, filters, and beliefs. The debates over the perception of time, the nature of memory, or potential afterlives need not be problems with Regression Therapy. They can be opportunities for dynamic Hypnotherapy. While pursuing this objective, we will neutralize magical thinking without losing the fun, and provide simple answers to the good questions.

As one of a handful of second-generation Regression Therapists in the world, I had the unique good fortune of being near the pioneers, conferences, and conversations that were happening at the beginning. With a youthful detachment, I observed non-verbally the relief and release that would happen during demos and group experiences. Phobias dissolving, tension melting away, hardened exteriors giving way to softness and openness. (I first experienced my own regressions when I was 13) Simultaneously I saw superstitious and magical thinking. In the worst cases, the potential for spiritual abuse or retraumatization. In my practice today I’ve absorbed these experiences in the effort to find a balance that allows for listening and speaking to all sides. A scientific understanding that is empathetic to spiritual questions, from the widest possibility space to the most zoomed in detail.